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22-09-2023, 10:45:04


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Auteur Topic: 2704_Gemini_220_DM7000_var_fix.img  (gelezen 88 keer)

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« Gepost op: 10-09-2005, 15:28:24 »
Gemini Projekt 2.20 var fix

gefixt :
var auslagern funktioniert jetzt

treiber :

neu :
Dreamnetcast im BP

nfs Server

ecm_info auch als Experten modus

OGG Dateien können abgespielt werden
und OGG info

und aus dem cvs rds radiotex

rest siehe 2.20 DMM 7000 Beschreibung

Based on DMM 1.09.1

Technical info:
Enigma from 28.08.2005
gcc 3.4.4 Original CVS
Web Interface: 5.0.3

BLUE Button - Blue Panel
YELLOW Button - Quick-Button (can be adjusted over BluePanel)
AUDIO Button - Audio Selection
TEXT Button - Videotext
RED Button - EPG List for the current channel
2x RED Button - Double Click for EPG Style Menu
GREEN Button – Subservices

* AutoCam: Emus can be linked to Channel/Provider
* CamName: Renaming of Emus
* OSD: EMM- & ECM-indicator
* Record CIFS: Recording on a harddisk mounted via CIFS (only available if there is no hdd in the box)
* Record NFS: Recording on a harddisk mounted via NFS (only available if there is no hdd in the box)
* Quick-Button: permanently showing the clock, freeze image or zapping to a predefined channel can be assigned
* Addons: available via Internet or manual installation
* DreamInfo: many additional information of the Box (e.g. HDD-Temperature, Enigma Settintgs)
* Extra Menu: Settings for additional components like Inadyn, HTTPD, EPG-Cache or swap-out of /var)
* MP3: Random feature
* Gemini-News are loaded in a background process
* BusyBox v1.01
* smbmount
* JPEG-Pictures can be rotated and EXIF-Tags can be shown
* Support for CD-/DVD-ROM, multiple HDDs and USB-Sticks

NFS/CIFS in Timermenu only, if mount changed successfully, there is a size inquiry now,
if storage capacity in NFS/CIFS mount bigger than 3GB and /mnt/hdd mount is bigger than 3GB it will be shown in Timermenu; like always, it functions without a mounted HDD only!
Please mount now PC-harddisk to /mnt/hdd

!!! Warning Image functions with FrontProcessor v1.6 only,
because there are newest drivers included in CVS !!!

We thank you all, which participated in the “suggestion thread for the Gemini”. Unfortunately, many things are not feasible from our side

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