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19-06-2024, 19:45:36


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Auteur Topic: New RuDream beta - b_107.4_rd_v20040617.2239.img  (gelezen 664 keer)

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New RuDream beta - b_107.4_rd_v20040617.2239.img
« Gepost op: 19-06-2004, 19:45:31 »
Welcome to ruDREAM image based on:

kernel v.2.4.20 (1.07.4)
enigma v.1.07.4
module v.1.07.4

EMU & CARDREADER in image:

DreamCrypt v.1.07.4


internet keyupdate
internet addonupdate
remember emu type for chanel and bouquet


EMUD v.1.54
EMUSET v.1.17
ALL EMU (available to download)
OTHER ADDON (available to download)


TETRIS v.1.4
OTHER GAMES (available to download)

Change button funtion:

BLUE button - emuset
YELLO button - plugins list
AUDIO button - sound stream & mode select
TEXT button - video text
RED button - EPG List for current channel
RED button - double click Multi EPG


irc channel #dbox2 (dalnet)

Special thx:

kindzadza, mixvt, lucgas, chameleon, pnk66, shopen,
puh, xphile, sphinx, Tom0000, mad*spike, mizu, jirka.

Compiled by:

ruDREAM team

only for this image:
1. not use mode OSD for EMU, because of many EMU have bug
2. restore/bakup function is not compatible with old images

ChangeLog & notes:


- new smart menu and dialogs
- new format file menu
new ADDONMANAGER v.2.00:
- added opportunity of check update for established addons
- added opportunity of check of the publication of new addons
- added opportunity of a choice of a source for installation of addons
- added check of free memory for installation of addons
new EMUSET v.1.17:
- added suport setting DreamCrypt for newcamd
- fix small bug in editor config file for newcamd
new EMUD v.1.10:
- added suport DreamCrypt demon for newcamd
- added manager of unpacking of images on HDD
- added opportunity of a choice of the carrier (HDD or USB) and the size for swap-file
- added opportunity of input of digital value of time of transition HDD in a sleeping mode
- added opportunity of a choice of the carrier for backup/restore adjustments
- added opportunity of removal of a log file of the timer
- added opportunity of on use module sdev for old EMU
- added opportunity of update satellites list via internet
new in ENIGMA:
- added opportunity of a choice of a source is added at manual updating the software
- added opportunity enable/disable _ show of the list of services at scanning satellites
- added opportunity enable/disable to hide Multy EPG at a select of the channel
- added opportunity at a double click red button show Multy EPG
- added vertical and horizontal align for all windows
new busubox v.1.00-pre10:
- in image not use new opportunity, only for fix bug
- added opportunity enable/disable load sdev module for old EMU

(*) available manual installation and loading through the menu
(**) available manual installation

-cvs update [17-06-2004]


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