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26-02-2021, 17:37:19


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Auteur Topic: Enigma2 for the TF7700HDPVR  (gelezen 3222 keer)

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Enigma2 for the TF7700HDPVR
« Gepost op: 20-07-2009, 11:00:56 »
Team Ducktales' Enigma2 image voor TF7700HDPVR Release 0.4.0
New features and bugfixes (since 0.3.2)
+ Feature: o added an extended version of TopfieldVFD plugin to
             adjust VFD settings and to control additional icons
           o added displaying clock and Ethernet activity
           o added displaying MP3 tags
+ Feature: added handling for "auto" afterEvent in recording timer
          (deepstandby after recording if woken up by a timer)
+ Feature: recognition and playback of files with the extension .rec
+ Change: reduced the guard time for shutdown prior to timer events from 360
          to 60 seconds (i. e. the box can be shut down up to 60 seconds
          before next recording)
+ Change: reduced the wakeup guard time from 300 to 60 seconds (i.e. the
          box wakes up 60 seconds before next recording)
+ Change: moved mounting /dev/sda3 from rcS to fstab
+ Fix: improved the CAM detection
+ Fix: fixed the U-Boot handling of FAT32, now high-capacity USB sticks
       should be read properly
+ Fix: fixed the issue with the MP3 playlist
+ Fix: re-added the fix to display the Dolby icon on VFD  correctly
+ Fix: changed mount options to allow HDD idle without intermittent wakeups
+ Fix: removed duplicate entries in /etc/fstab
+ Fix: fixed AVI audio track selection
+ Fix: fixed playback of AVI files with 23.976fps/24.976fps/29.976fps
+ Fix: re-added the workaround to fix the issue with stopping playback
       while it is paused
Unsupported features and known problems
- The only supported tuner type is DVB-S2 CX24116/CX24118.
- Volume control keys
  Due to an incompatibility with many menus the keys right/left cannot be used
  for volume control. Therefore, the volume can be controlled via the frame
  control keys |< and >|.
- Temporary loss of sync if timeshift is unpaused within 6-7 seconds after
  its activation.
  Workaround: do not unpause timeshift in the first 8 seconds.
- &quot;Fast forward&quot; does not work properly at speeds higher than 8x.
  &quot;Jump forward&quot; can be used instead (see playback keys).
- Rewind does not work properly. Sometimes enigma2 freezes when rewinding.
  &quot;Jump back&quot; can be used instead (see playback keys).
- Some Samsung LCD TVs might have problems with the default resolution
- With &quot;AC3 downmix on&quot; there is no sound on optical when AC3 stream is
  selected. With &quot;AC3 downmix off&quot; the system migt freeze when zapping to
  channels with AC3.
- There are problems with switching between different satelleites via Diseqc.
  It takes several seconds to tune to a channel on another satellite.
- Simultaneous output to HDMI and Scart is not supported.
- Sporadic hangers when zapping during an active HDTV recording
- Sporadic problems with old frames in a live stream (flashbacks)
- Some USB sticks are not recognized so that the Enigma2 installation
  does not work. Reformatting the stick with FAT32 might help.


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