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31-01-2023, 04:33:58


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Auteur Topic: Enigma2 voor ipbox hd,cuberevo hd,vizyon hd  (gelezen 12779 keer)

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Enigma2 voor ipbox hd,cuberevo hd,vizyon hd
« Gepost op: 19-05-2009, 15:00:46 »
ENIGMA 2 for all DGStation products:
- cuberevo-mini-fta (cuberevo-200hd)
- cuberevo-250hd (ipbox-91hd,vizyon-800hd)
- cuberevo-mini (ipbox-900hd,vizyon-810hd)
- cuberevo-mini2 (ipbox-910hd, cuberevo-3000hd, madtek-3000hd,vizyon-820hd pvr,Sezam 901hd/902hd)
- cuberevo-2000hd
- cuberevo-9500hd (cuberevo-7000hd)
- cuberevo (ipbox-9000hd rel1 and rel2,vizyon-8000hd pvr,madtek hd pvr4000L,Sezam 9100hd pvr )
nieuw release 0.4 een veel verbetering tegenover de voorgaande versie maar met nog bugs,vooral als je disecq rotor hebt want die wil maar niet draaien
dus nog echt stabiel is het nog niet
release 0.4.0:
- fixed boot image that was not shown every time on every TV
- revert back to python 2.5, now you can use all enigma2 plugins for dreambox receivers wich do not have sources available and wich uses only python files :)
- fixed DHCP, now is working by network menu configuration
- added the option to enable DHCP also with nfs-server to load enigma2 (just change the kernel loading bootargs)
- fixed the overheading bug on date/time that caused to have always a wrong time/date
- fixed tuxtxt crashes and outputs management
- fixed the bug that causes Timezones outside of Europe not to work, always reverts back to GMT time. All times over 3+ GMT and under GMT did not work.
- spdif audio output on ipbox91hd/cuberevo250hd
- fixed subtitles on dreamtv-hd skin
- fixed aspect ratio: Pan&Scan and Pillar box settings reversed
- fixed menu selection options that were not selectable, like 8MHz bandwith selection, or many fec options
- fixed skin HD
- updated skin HD
- enabled ntfs as module
- patch for white subtitles (i don't know if this is usefull or not, but i thought it's better to have a
  white subtitle with black background, just more viewable)
- fixed EPG button (now you can choose wich kind of epg list to view)
- fixed deep standby broken since 0.3.3 (do not forget to delete all wakeup timers from dgstation firmware, because if you forget it,
  then the box will restart automatically!)
- added a Satellites configuration with all sat positions (if you think there's something missed you can still add yourself configuration files)
- added a Terrestrial configuration to support almost all Europe providers (inserted general europe voice,
  obiously i can't add a provider for each one on the worl, so just update the file if you need a specific provider)
- fixed some other channels scan bugs
- fixed menu Network test on the "link connection" voice
- fixed positioner menu crashes
- MediaPlayer Bug with a gsod on NoneType error using subtitles
- fixed rotor using diseqc
- reboot of enigma2 now should works good
- completed the kernel version p0041 adaption
- improved a bit CI cams manager
- fixed many memory bugs that caused the player to crash (let me know if you find more bugs on playing multimedia files)
- ipkg support, as soon as sifteam will have a download for ipk files you will be able to download them from the browse plugin menu
- added by default the file /var/etc/rcS_user.sh that is called on boot, so if you want to add any kind of command to be executed on start
  just put them in this file
- patch for North American satellites (let me know if you find any kind of bugs)
if you are a NA user, do not forget to change in the "/etc/init.d/rcS" file this value:
insmod $MODDIR/stmfb.ko [email protected]:12M:PAL:YUV:RGB;
insmod $MODDIR/stmfb.ko [email protected]:12M:NTSC:YUV:RGB;
This is needed to let you see the boot image and to have a full working display on TV.
Ok that's all, i know there are some other bugs to be fixed, but i think there were a lot of improvement in this version and
i'm working to some new drivers so i think before using the new drivers we should test all these improvements and then see if something could be better or not.
dit is geen flasversie maar een usb versie(dwz dat het niet geschreven word in je flash maar als multiboot naast je gewone flash omdat je deze E2 opstart via de usb,het voordeel ervan is als het je niet beval kan je nog altijd je originele image starten zonder dat je alles opnieuw moet installeren)
HIER kan je lezen hoe je deze versie moet installeren en uitproberen
Enigma 2 download:
de multiboot functie kan je ook op deze manier maken, download usb_config.img.en updaten in je ontvanger
Multiboot function supports as below style.

# 1 boot with CDKroot(NFS)
# 2 boot from USB memory stick, with internal HDD
# 3 original images as current flash memory
# 4 boot with NFS
# 5 boot from USB memory stick, but without internal HDD
# 6 boot from internal SATA HDD
# 7 boot from flash memory for another image
meestal gebruik je de optie 3 voor je image in flash te starten(je huidige image) of optie 5 voor de enigma 2 starten via de usb stick
je uboot versie moet minimaal 1.3.1 zijn is dit niet het geval kan je hier de versie 1.3.3 downloaden
« Laatst bewerkt op: 19-05-2009, 15:05:31 door alain »

Offline alain

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Enigma2 voor ipbox hd,cuberevo hd,vizyon hd
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 29-05-2009, 18:52:20 »
Enigma2 SifTeam 0.4.2
zowel een flashversie als een usb versie
release 0.4.2:
- fixed the diseqc bug, one for all, on the ipbox-91hd/cuberevo-250hd, cuberevo-200hd and all models wich uses the sharp tuner
deze versie heeft nog steeds problemen met de disecq1.2
de snr en agc waarde worden niet weergegeven zodat je niet weet of je op een juiste satelliet zit als oost of west draait,laat staan of je nu weet of de motor draait of niet!:mad:

Offline alain

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ENIGMA 2 release 0.5.5
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: 20-08-2009, 19:39:02 »
Enigma2 SifTeam 0.5.5
release 0.5.5
Ok from this release you will get a nightly build image. (this means i will not support stupid options like: panels, plugins and so on)
Soon a sifteam image will be out with panel and many options enabled.
I choose this way because i want that cuberevo community increase more! Many teams are involved in E2 now, so
each one can do his choice, and sifteam images will be out with another image (obviously based on the same Nightly build image version)
I will publish also how to build your own flash image, so every team can do it.
- new bootlogo (thanks arken)
- added bulgarian language
- added autofs
- added openvpn
- added openssl library
- added 576i to AutoResolution plugin
- added ftpput
- added ftpget
- added netstat
- "fixed" signal level on tuners
- teletext exit with "exit" button on remote
- fixed aspect on screen when exiting from teletext. If watching 16:9 format, it is shrinked, so looks like 16:6 or something
- fixed positioner setup
- fixed teletext subtitles
- remapped few buttons
- fix for DVB subtitles wich were not shown on some skins
- fixed bootlogo view on SD television
- fix the issue with stopping playback while it is paused
- incorporated the new web interface version (04/06/2009)
- fixed fast forward for MP3 in MediaPlayer
- enabled forwarding the second transport stream to the decoder
- fix avi 23.976fps/24.976fps/29.976fps
- avi: fix audio track selection early support for redirecting in http streaming
- added .rec extension file support
- CI cam drivers handling should now be better
- lot of fixes on PicturePlayer
- lot of fixes on MediaPlayer
- modified epgCache load to allow the load on e2 starts (now crossEpg works perfectly)
- fix avi 23.976fps/24.976fps/29.976fps
- added estonian language
- allowed to record/stream multiple channels from the same transponder (FTA only)
- There were a bug when a freeze happen on HD and SD channels, that bug showed you a full green pixel screen or an image repeating loop,
well this is bug was really hard to find for me and i'm not sure i've found all the cases when it happens, so... let me know if it happens again.
Many people asked me to add smart card drivers made by pacco, but i've not did them, so i will not add them like part of my images.
They can be added manually by everyone and each team made the possibilty to download and install them, so i will not add them until
i will make my own version (wich i don't know when and how it will be ready, you can use the pacco's version wich is good enought)
Enjoy it! Tideglo
release 0.5.0a (only for 250hd and 200hd/mini-fta):
- fixed a bug for video output on cuberevo-250hd and cuberevo-mini-fta
Enjoy it! Tideglo

het ziet er al veel beter uit,de meeste bugs zijn er uitgehaald en ook nog stabiel
« Laatst bewerkt op: 20-08-2009, 19:41:16 door alain »
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