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ENIGMA 2 for all DGStation products By: alain Date: 05-03-2010, 17:23:29
ENIGMA 2 for all DGStation products:
- cuberevo-mini-fta (cuberevo-200hd)
- cuberevo-250hd (ipbox-91hd)
- cuberevo-mini (ipbox-900hd)
- cuberevo-mini2 (ipbox-910hd, cuberevo-3000hd, madtek-3000hd)
- cuberevo-2000hd
- cuberevo-9500hd (cuberevo-7000hd)
- cuberevo (ipbox-9000hd rel1 and rel2)
Coder: Tideglo
First boot take a little bit much more than a normal boot, so wait until you can see the bandeau bar (the one with infos on current channel) on the tv screen.
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release 0.9.2
- fixed Polsat HD channels and many other HD channels (i.e.: Sky Calcio HD, Sky Olimpia HD and so on)
- updated kernel to version
- added gdata for python plugins
- added romanian language (thanks to otheitis and his team)
- improved remote controller responses time
- made general OS system optimizations
- updated Enigma2 CVS to the 13/03/2010
- fixed USB booting for: cuberevo-mini-fta, cuberevo-250hd, cuberevo-2000hd (usb file system must be ext2 type)
- added wifi drivers (zd1211 chipset, if you need them do an insmod /lib/modules/zd1211b.ko)

P.S.: PIP is temporarily disabled.
For USB version boot (file system must be ext2 type): mkfs.ext2 -I 128 -b 4096 your_device
where your_device could be /dev/sdaX, /dev/sdbX, or similar.

Enjoy it! Tideglo

USB and Flash version here: Index of ./Enigma2 NightlyBuild/Enigma2 NightlyBuild 0.9.2/